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The Commonfolk Collective

Cactus Country Candle

Cactus Country Candle


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So it's safe to say we have a cactus obsession, but who doesn't right?  Did you now the cactus symbolises warmth, protection and endurance. Now doesn't that make you want one of these in your space even more now?

Each time you light this gorgeous candle, know that you sometimes things take time, but you are strong.... you've got this!

Scent:  Byron // Bringing you warm natural vibes to your tribe, with a creamy blend of almond milk and coconut milk.  This offers a subtle scent of vanilla with sweet almond, warming caramel and a mild twist of coconut.

Our Candles have 600g of creamy pure soy + candle wax that will give you up to 80-100 hours of burning.